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Whether you’re an experienced solo traveller, or exploring the idea of a break away by yourself for the first time, the flexibility and empowerment of a solo adventure never fades. The dampener however can often appear in the form of steep single accommodation supplements, a lack of itinerary choices and also personal concerns for safety - particularly for women solo travellers.

Slow Adventure welcomes solo travellers and our adventures fit perfectly to suit the single individual, or single travellers who wish to travel in a group. There’s never any need to pre-organise a group to travel and whilst some elements of our itineraries (such as outdoor activities) may bring a group together, you are guaranteed your own space.

We’ve had heartwarming feedback from solo travellers who have booked a slow adventure and have not only thoroughly enjoyed a trip at their own pace, but also valued the responsible nature of our adventures and the contribution that they made to an Impact Project with their booking.

Ready to get packing? Below, we’ve handpicked a selection of slow adventures to spark some solo travel inspiration.


Ranua, Finland 

Discover the deep connection between Finnish culture and the great outdoors. Our adventure includes peaceful canoeing, rejuvenating forest bathing, foraging, and camping beneath the enchanting midnight sun. Immerse yourself in the rural Lapland lifestyle, live simply and take a break from daily stresses.

5 days, £1496 per person 

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Valtellina, Italy

Enjoy time out for both body and mind in the stunning Alpine environment of Valtellina, Italy. Get to grips with the fundamentals of top rope climbing, bouldering, and safety techniques, and gently engage in guided Hatha Yoga sessions. Both activities emphasise mental and physical well-being, focusing on the importance of being present in the moment.

5 days, £1130 per person 

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Sudurland, Iceland 

Experience the beauty of southern Iceland (Sudurland) and stay in a magnificent Icelandic manor house. Accompanied by knowledgeable guides and their beautiful Icelandic horses, delve into the vast highlands, exploring volcanoes, glaciers, serene waterfalls, and breathtaking canyons. After a long day, unwind with a revitalising spa session and indulge in a delicious 3-course dinner at the manor house's restaurant.

5 days, £2354 per person 

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Lochaber, Scotland

Slip off to wild west Scotland for a few days and experience turquoise waters, gentle kayaking (for all abilities). You’ll travel along a coast famed for its otters, seals, eagles, and basking sharks to name but a few. Set up a wild camp in a remote location and try out some fishing or beach combing. In the evenings, you’ll get to enjoy local seafood, and relax around the campfire with traditional folk music. 

4 days, £498 per person

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Jamtland, Harjedalen

This ultimate mountain adventure combines simple alpine climbing, mountain hiking, and mountain biking. Ride to the base of Helags, one of Sweden's tallest peaks and southernmost glaciers. As named by National Geographic as a top peak for hiking, Helags offers an unforgettable experience for exploring the mountains by bike and on foot.  Embark on the Syltraversen, a thrilling high-alpine journey, covering three peaks in the Sylarna range. 

7 days, £1988 per person

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