Wild Wellness Adventures in 2023

Regular time outdoors is essential for taking care of mind, body and soul, and ‘nature therapy’ is often prescribed as a measure to help protect our overall well being. If you’re exploring ideas to factor in meaningful self care for 2023, a wild wellness adventure could be just the tonic.

Escape the white noise of everyday life and give yourself permission to slip away, whether that’s to completely chill out, try a new activity - or a balance of both - we’ve created adventures in beautiful, natural locations, where you’ll be in the care of our wonderful local experts.

Immerse yourself in the wild and find comfort, calm and connection doing the things that you love. From relaxing saunas, to challenging sports, we’re here to help you do wellness your way. Here’s a roundup of our upcoming wild wellness adventures in 2023:


Lochaber, Scotland

Be led by the tides and the winds, and join Skipper Celia for 5 idyllic days on and offshore the beautiful west coast of Scotland. Practise wild yoga, eat, cook, chat and meditate - if the weather is right too, you can try your hand at sailing the yacht under Celia’s expert supervision.

5 days, £2049 per person

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Valtellina, Italy

A wonderful way to replenish body and mind, in the breathtaking Alpine surroundings of Valtellina. Learn the basics of top rope climbing, bouldering and safety practices, and also take part in guided Hatha Yoga sessions. The two activities promote mental and physical wellbeing, both focused on the detail of the present moment.

5 days, £1130 per person

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Sudurland, Iceland

Experience the ethereal beauty of southern Iceland (Sudurland). Enjoy hiking through glacier-eroded landscapes and a ‘silent volcano’, lagoon kayaking and island hopping with Hulda, our local guide who will also guide you in sessions of mindfulness and yoga. You’ll get to stay at a farm, close to the mighty Vatnajökull glacier and the peaceful fishing village of Höfn where you’ll find outdoor geothermal baths.

5 days, £998 per person

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Jämtland Härjedalen, Sweden

Boost your endorphins and get your circulation pumping - the Swedish Midwinter way! It’s a unique time of year that offers a fantastic range of invigorating outdoor activities, from cross-country skiing to ice climbing - our guide will show you how to build a snow bivouac too (sleeping in it is of course, optional). You’ll stay in a stunning mountain lodge, enjoy local fine dining and the traditional wood-fired sauna; the perfect way to warm up.  

5 days, £1481 per person

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Ranua, Finland

Awaken your senses and experience the intrinsic connection between Finnish culture and nature. Our adventure gently takes in canoeing, forest bathing, foraging and camping under the ethereal midnight sun. This is a taste of rural Lappish life that will grant some much-needed time out from a hectic schedule.

5 days, £1496 per person

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Lochaber, Scotland

Adventuring with purpose creates an immense sense of wellbeing. Give hands-on help to a local marine project on the Morven Peninsula, reintroducing native oysters to the local bay. You’ll also engage in herbal medicine making, go cold-water swimming, snorkelling and foraging - all from your base, an architect-designed coastal home.

7 days, £1763 per person.

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